Why I Chose Dream Host As My Web Host

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Guides | 0 comments

About DreamHost

Even though Dreamhost is not as popular as other hosting services like GoDaddy and Bluehost, it is still a favourite. It is a well-established brand that has gained a good name among developers, digital marketers, and designers. Dreamhost services were founded in 1996 in Los Angeles. Currently, they are the proud host with nearly 1.5 million websites with customers from all over the world.

High-level security

With the development of digital devices and cloud services, there is also a rising issue with security. Dreamhost services offer enterprise-grade DDoS protection. This is to ensure that all of your services stay online even when there is an attack. These protection services are available for all their packages, but the capacity might vary depending on your chosen package. This security range is higher and offers a total 500 Gbit mitigation capacity.


Along with hosting services, they also offer a variety of other plans, including domain names. The customers can choose from nearly 400 TLD like .com, .org, .net and so on. They also offer extensions related to the countries along with exotic wings. They also provide shared hosting service in the form of monthly or unlimited plans. This facility is suitable for startup organisations which can later be upgraded into individual hosting servers. Along with these products, they also of other features like

  • Virtual private servers

  • Dedicated hosting

  • WordPress hosting

  • Cloud hosting

  • Website builders.


One of the significant features that I loved about Dream host services is their simple and transparent pricing strategy. For people who are interested in shared hosting services, there are only two plans available. Both these plans cover most of the basics.

The shared starter plan is suitable if you are planning to host just a single site. The email and other features are also available for different pricing. They offer a 50 GB storage of 6 databases which is sufficient for medium-sized websites. But if you are planning on hosting more than one website, they have the shared unlimited package.


Performance is the most crucial feature since no one wishes to have a slow-performing website. I have personally tested the speed of Dreamhost based on their conversion rates. They have an average speed of 2.38 seconds. Despite not having a built-in cache system, they have a decent pace. Dreamhost also comes along with a good uptime that avoids constant interruptions and offers regular availability. They offer a 99.9% uptime value which is equivalent to and sometimes better than other hosting providers.

 Storage and support

When it comes to website hosting, storage plays a significant role. Dreamhost offers cloud storage services along with SSD (Solid State Drives) storage on shared plans. They provide 24-hour support throughout the year without any interruptions, along with unlimited bandwidth services. People can install some web applications like WordPress and Joomla easily with a single click. It’s not just the leading service but also these extra services make DreamHost a valuable hosting service. They have various VPS hosting plans and shared hosting plans that are suitable for small and large businesses.