5 Reason You Need More Than One Domain

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remarkablle Do you need more than one domain for your business website?

There are a couple of reasons you may need more than one domain. Whether for technical reasons, security, or simply for a raincheck day. In recent times, businesses have resorted to buying more than one domain for a couple of reasons.

You should consider a Domain as your online home address, something that customers will remember and search for when needed. For a domain name like your home, customers will not need to remember your exact coordinates on the map, but just by remembering the address (domain name) to find you. Just like each person will have a certain address, so does a domain name. Each person or business will build a unique domain name for its brand. When you have your domain name, you can use multiple email addresses on your domain name professionally. Your customers always trust an email address according to the function of a company, for example, sales@company.com, staff@company.com. So, as a company or individual business, you need more than one domain name to reach your customers quickly and optimally.

5 reasons you need more than one domain name:

  1. The risk of misspelling

You may need more than one domain name if your domain contains strange words. Especially, if Several users often mistype or do not know how to spell the word. When you write the wrong domain name, you cannot access the website. The system will report an error and lead to discomfort for your customers when they want to find you. Worse, customers can mistakenly type in the domain name of another company like your competitor’s company, so you have already lost a potential customer. With a small number, it’s okay, but think about how big numbers like hundreds of customers will affect your company and your company’s profits.

  1. Similar domain

To reduce the risk of having a replicate of similar domains unrelated to your website, you need more than one domain. Currently, e-commerce is developing more and more. There are many companies doing business by speculating a market need for certain domain names in the future. Hence, they buy more than one domain name for keeps. Then resell them online at a high price. And if your company wants to buy it, your competitors will certainly also not miss this golden opportunity. Then, when your company advertises campaigns and puts the domain name up in order for the customers to access it and perform buying/selling activities, because of the similar domain name, your customer may visit your competitor’s website instead of yours. This not only increases the revenue for the competitor company, but then if the transactions have any problems or negligence, the customers will also think it is your company. Because they think the web they search and access is yours, cause at first they find you, not your competitors. They access to the domain your company provided and conduct transactions on the website with your company’s domain name. To curb this early, you need more than one domain, similar to your current domain website. 

  1. Not related domain name to the field of company’s operation.

This sounds obvious and easy, but it can seem difficult to do. Since the industry is such a large category, there can be many companies that need more than one domain name based on the same field of activity and it will be difficult for your company to find a domain name that both shows the area of the company’s activity and speak about the main function and work of your business while still being able to reach users in the most satisfactory way. Alternatively, you also need more than one domain. In functionality, the primary domain name will be about your company and the other sub-domains will be broken down into the areas of activity that your company follows. So as long as customers can access websites with small domain domains, the results will lead directly to your company’s main domain website. For example, the media brokerage company Daine Interactive they operate in the fields related to media. We cannot get a domain name that has both the company name and the fields of activity because that will be very long and difficult to remember. Or if the company name is taken alone, customers cannot know what company’s activities are, what it is about, what area it includes. Or if you take the unique name of the field that the company follows, users cannot know which company they are looking at, whether that company has a reputation that believable? So taking the main domain as the company name and taking the sub-domains as the field that the company pursues is the most optimal solution.

  1. Reach more audience/customers

Users may not completely remember your company’s domain name or mistype a word in your company’s domain name, and if your company has only one domain, then customers cannot access it. To prevent this from happening, you need more than one domain name. If they cannot access the website, your company cannot reach the customers’ needs. Meanwhile, if your company has more than one domain(including main & sub-domain), when you just type a small part of the domain name, the suggested domain name will also be displayed and users can click on the right website domain they are looking for. For better search engine visibility too, your company may need more than one domain. Seeing there will be more opportunities in the market to get listed in the search engines. This gives customers more ways to find and reach you when searching on the Internet. The more promoting and marketing about the products and services you offer, the more attracting traffic to your website.

  1. Top Level Domains (TLDs)

The last parts of the domain name include the country codes of the countries taking part in the Internet defined by two letters according to ISO-3166 standards such as UK, US,… and the shared domains (Worldwide Generic Domains).) like: COM (Commercial); NET (network); ORG (Organizations), INFO (Information); EDU (Education); MOBI (Mobile phone). In addition, there is a second-level domain name that is defined by the Network Administration of that country, can define it differently, more or less, but usually countries still define economic sectors, their society is like the 7 shared areas mentioned above. So that, besides using domain names with the same common domain name by a convention like “.com or. Net”, you need more than one domain with a different TLD to use in parallel. That way, you can stand out from the crowd of the websites with similar domain extensions and show off the unique highlight that makes up your company’s brand.

 In summary, there are 5 main reasons you need more than one domain. First, prevent customers from typing wrongly, mistype your website name. Second, avoiding domain name duplication that can affect both the customer’s and the company’s experience. Third, avoiding your domain name being unrelated to your company, business, or business type and confusing for customers who want to use the service on your website. Fourth, reaching as many customers as possible. Having more than one domain increases the chances of your domain name being suggested on search engines. Fifth, creating unique but easy-to-remember domain names in parallel with the main domain according to the conventions of countries taking part in the internet, thus making you more special and easy to impress users and people who are approached by the creator.

Having seen the remarkable benefits of having more than one domain. Let’s take a look at how to create an effective domain name, reaching as many customers as possible? First, we need to follow common domain naming rules.

General rules when creating domain names include:

+ The domain name must not exceed 63 characters, including the “.com, .net, .org, etc.”

+ Domain names include only alphabets (A-Z), numbers (0-9) and minus sign (-). Spaces and other characters are invalid.

+ Domain names cannot start or end with a minus sign (-).

+ Your domain name does not need to start with http:// or www or http://www, these are common elements that apply to all domains.

Besides the above rules, there are some other specific rules for having the best domain name:

  • The shorter the better

Except in case you want the domain name to be the full name of the company, choose the shortest domain name possible. Short domain names are often easier to remember, easier to type in addresses, and less likely to mistype, especially for branding, logo design or web design. Note, the domain name is short but must still meet all the conditions, avoiding the case that the domain name is too short. It will often be difficult to register or not be registered.

  • Easy to remember

Whether you’re settling for one or more than one domain. You should create domain names with tone, easy to hear, easy to read, they will be easier to remember. For example, Garden.com, Business.com,.. are commonly used words, so when added to the domain name, it will be more familiar. Listeners can remember it immediately. Or special domain names that leave an impression on listeners like yahoo.com, google.com, etc. Because of their specialty, people will often remember longer even if they just heard them. Or funny, funny domain names, like the mantra that is always easy to stay in people’s heads. On the internet, no matter how you name your domain name, no matter how many domains you create, in the end it’s not just for the sake of keeping it in the customer’s mind, so that the customer always remember and look for you, right?

  • Do not cause confusion

A good, accessible domain name should be one that has no similarity or easily confused with existing domain names. Especially in case if the existing domain name is a registered trademark, you could be in trouble if you use a similar domain name. Domain names that start with words like “I, e, the” or have a “-” are often confusing.

  • Domain name must be established based on target customers

With many extensions of domain names today:. cc,. is,. tv,. to,… (which is the domain name of countries according to general regulations), most internet users are still familiar with domain names “.com,. net,. org”. So if you want to emphasize your business in a certain country, add the domain name extension as a country, both showing your pride in the country, and letting users know where your company is, what your target users are,.. This is exactly the right choice.


Currently, the internet is growing, the online competition among businesses is increasing. Choosing a domain name that is superb, impressive, easy to understand, easy to leave an impression in the user’s mind is a necessity. Besides, owning multiple domains will also help reach more users, most domain name registrars will support forwarding multiple domains to your website easily, so where you just create a website, and then redirect visitors who entered the rest of the domains to that site (aka multiple domains to a single landing page).