5 Ways On How To Take Control Of Your Content Marketing

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According to the Content Management Institute (CMI), it is revealed that more than 60% of businesses do not have a content marketing strategy! Now millions of companies’ ideas are going down the drain without a content strategy plan for their businesses. So, why is a targeted, tailor-made content marketing strategy very crucial for your business?

You can start simply by setting your goal, followed by strategizing your plan by assessing your position, target your audience by providing the perfect content which would turn any potential leads into clients, figure out the best content channels, and enhance your social networks using Google Analytics, deliver actionable, strong content marketing and finally delegate and do email marketing campaigns to attract more customers.

Here are the five ways to show how to improve your content marketing strategy and increase lead conversion and maximize your Return on Investment(ROI).

Five Proven Methods To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Top-notch quality content

Any good writer can give good content, but creating a content marketing strategy relevant to the target audience needs a precise niche to provide quality content to your audience. Nowadays, almost every business has its blog page; what makes your content unique from others matters the most. Providing ubiquitous content wouldn’t probably work well with your leads because they see the same kind of content from other companies too.

To provide high-quality content, you need to strategize your business goal and be precise and crystal clear about what you’re endeavoring to deliver.

Create the content on pages which has high exit and bounce rates. So you’ll know the number of people who visited your website without checking other pages — Bounce page. Those who left your website before the page got loaded — Exit rates.

Always keep your content relevant to the current trend and optimize your content with more visits to your website that would interest users and increase the traffic to your website. Remember to follow the top trending pages to tailor your content marketing goals according to them.

Lead conversion starts with your landing page

Your landing page says a lot about your business, and this is the frontier of your business. A landing page is where the adventure of your website begins. It is a prime lead for your content marketing strategy. You are the sole owner of your website; get creative and create tantalizing out-of-the-box content because of how much you put your effort into carving your landing page to finesse, which is directly proportional to converting your lead or visitors to potential customers.

So how can you improve your landing pages for better content marketing? Get the report by going to your landing page tab; under that select behavior, you will get the report of your landing pages. The report gives you every minuscule detail of a list of top-performing pages to the bottom-most poorly performing pages. Now you know your issue, work on the pages with low conversion rates, high bounce, and exit rates. Fix your landing pages and remove any unrelated contents on the sidebars.

Once you’re done with the landing pages, evaluate the traffic to your website, increase the conversion rates of pages, maximizing your SEO campaign.

Get a timely exit pages report

Different people have different perspectives. For instance, a user might find your content interesting because of the keyword they were looking for, but that doesn’t mean they might check out your other content but exit your website. So what happens in this case? Your exit page rate increases, which in turn will affect the SEO ranking of your website even if you had it on top of the list with relevant keywords.

Get your exit page report, which gives an insight to the developer in finding out the favorite content and least liked content on your page. In case your exit page and the top landing page are the same, then you need not worry about anything. You can easily increase your conversion rates.

Increase your conversion by tracking your visitor flow

The visitor flow is a graphical map representing the path of the number of visitors who checked your website and exited at which point in your website!

Understanding and analyzing the visitor flow data is very important for you to increase the conversion rates. Identify the point where the visitors have dropped off and try to produce or improve your content accordingly along the path of visitor flow. Increase the user flow and experience by linking the prominent pages at the end of a page or content.

Always keep track of visitor flow data, exit pages report, so you know exactly how your users interact with your pages and how it affects your SEO.

Penguin — Google index filter

Penguin is a part of the core algorithm in google which tracks two functionalities.

  1. Unnatural & false link schemes – Many provide backlinks or stash popular images to increase Google’s ranking.
  2. Manipulative Keyword stuffing – Using repeated keywords to increase the SEO of your website.

Whenever there’s an update in Google’s panda or penguin, there’s a high probability the traffic to your website might fluctuate.

Always try to keep your content marketing original and true to your audience besides trying to fit under Google’s algorithm. Thus, the data mentioned above is a guide to increase the effective SEO of your website!